Tests Verbos Modales Ingles Gratis

*Nota: Si la palabra contiene apostrofe ( ‘ ), utilizad en su lugar ( ` )

1. Susie is so late! She ______(miss) the train!.

2. Sarah couldn`t find her glasses. She thought she ______(leave) them at her office.

3. The weather ______(be) any worse! (past negative possibility)

4. When Lizzie got home yesterday there were flowers on the table. Her husband ______(buy) them.

5. My grandmother _________use a computer until last month. Since then she`s been taking lessons at the library.

6. I ________clean the floor today because I cleaned it yesterday.

7. I ________do my washing because my mother does it for me.

8. You ______(take) this job. I can see you`re not enjoying it. (past negative advice / regret)

9. There ______ be forty or fifty people in the pub.

10. We ______(join) you at the restaurant, but we couldn`t get a babysitter. (past willingness)

11. We ________be late for the exam.

12. I searched for your house for ages. luckily I _________ find it in the end.

13. Unfortunately, I really _________sing at all. No-one in my family is musical either.

14. John ______(call) Amy, but he didn`t have her number. (past willingness)

15. Our neighbours ______(cut) down the tree in their garden. It was a really beautiful tree. (past negative advice / regret)

16. If you haven`t eaten all day, you ______(be) hungry.

17. It ______(rain) a lot in the night. There are puddles everywhere.

18. John ______(eat) all the biscuits! There are none left.

19. Children______ tell lies to their teachers.

20. I _________ understand the chapter we had to read for homework. It was so difficult.

21. You ______(buy) some milk at the shops. We don`t have any milk. (past advice / regret)

22. The children ______(do) their homework last night. Then they wouldn`t be panicking on the way to school. (past advice / regret)

23. I _________open this window! I think it`s stuck.

24. I ________spend too much money today, as I`ve only got a little left.

25. He _______arrive at the party on time, even after missing the train, so he was very pleased.

26. It ______(be) cold outside. That man in the street is wearing a coat.

27. You ______(practise) a lot before you gave your speech. It was really good.

28. I ________drive a car until I was 34. Then I moved to the countryside, so I had to learn.

29. The cinema was closed so we ______ see the film.

30. I read the book three times, but I _________understand it.

31. They ________get up early today, because it`s Sunday.

32. She ________do this work today, because she can do it tomorrow.

33. You ________tell anyone what I just told you. It`s a secret.

34. You ______(be) rude to him. He`s going to be really angry now. (past negative advice / regret)

35. What an amazing kitchen you`ve got! You ______(like) cooking.

36. They ______(win) the football match, but John hurt his ankle. (past possibility)

37. There`s rubbish all over my garden! A fox ______(be) in the bin.

38. Jimmy and Louisa ______(be) very tired. They have a new baby.

39. That woman drives a very expensive car. She ______(have) a lot of money.

40. ______ water boil under 100 degrees?

41. We ________rush. We`ve got plenty of time.

42. I ______(eat) so much chocolate! I feel sick! (past negative advice / regret)

43. You ______ touch the paintings in the museum.

44. He`s amazing, he _________ speak five languages, including Chinese.

45. Oh no, I don`t have my keys! I ______(leave) them in the taxi.

46. Andrew ______(go) to Cambridge University, but he decided to travel instead. (past possibility)

47. ________ you swim when you were 10?

48. We ______ go to Portugal in November.

49. Luke ______(pass) the exam if he`d studied a bit more. (past possibility)

50. We ______(finish) the game, even if we`d wanted to. It was raining very hard and we had to stop. (past negative possibility)