Tests Presente Continuo Ingles Gratis

*Nota: Si la palabra contiene apostrofe ( ‘ ), utilizad ( ` ) en su lugar

1. I know their faces, and I think with you that they ___________________ the truth. (not/speak)

2. Well, you ________________ again, are you? (not/go)

3. ________________________ before the door for? (what/you/stand/?)

4. ___________________ of her, that you need tell me that? (I/complain/?)

5. I __________________ of a faithfulness that knows no bounds, for what is it? (not/speak)

6. She knows I _____________ for an answer. (wait)

7. And you ___________________ of it as one. (not/think)

8. And there they ______________ to this day. (sit)

9. _________________ that money out of your pocket to pay me for the ale? (you/take/?)

10. I _____________ my bit of a pig. (sell)

11. May I be allowed to ask ____________________? (where/he/go/?)

12. She _____________ the blood from my heart. (suck)

13. You can see she __________________ of the music. (not/think)

14. What is it you _________________ from me? (conceal)

15. I ________________ you for a cent. (not/ask)

16. What is she doing about it, and _____________________________________?(in what direction/she/search/?)

17. Writing about them, he __________________ about himself. (only/write)

18. _______________ to you or the wall? (I/talk/?)

19. But I ________________ for your sympathy. (not/ask)

20. They _____________________ for the sacred right of revolution. (not/contend)

21. Those other girls _______________, too, are they? (not/go)

22. You don`t know whom you _______________ to! (speak)

23. I __________________ to her sea-going qualities. (not/allude)

24. When I _________________, I _____________; I cannot sit and think. (not/walk) (read)

25. You ___________________ of the impropriety of it. (not/think)

26. _________________ already to lose my truth? (I/begin/?)

27. But, if she ___________, here in this letter, _____________________ on? (lie) (what/she/walk/?)

28. I am not sure that the whole force _______________ that way. (not/go)

29. _________________________ for, you little fool? (what/you/scream/?)

30. I _____________ your answer in the neighborhood. (wait)

31. O why and __________________________? (for what/we/wait/?)

32. Do you think I ______________ about you? (speak)

33. We __________________ a book upon primitive psychology. (not/write)

34. Yes, I`m sure of that, because he told me himself- ________________________ at? (what/you/laugh/?)

35. ______________________ here in the dark? (why/you/sit/?)

36. ______________________, do you think, this morning? (how/you/feel/?)

37. _____________________________, or what is the subject of your thoughts, besides the great studies of your profession? (what books/you/read/?)

38. _________________ the same that he has been wishing for when awake? (he/dream/?)

39. I ___________________ to my admiration of his fine figure-six feet high and straight as an arrow-nor of his handsome, open, ingenuous countenance, or his candid blue eye, or his thick curly hair. (not/refer)

40. He still carries the marks of his box on the ear, and he ________________ himself any bad luck! (not/wish)

41. I ____________ an American flag with me. (take)

42. _______________________ that they do not hear me? (where/they/go/?)

43. She _________________ well, but she can walk. (not/feel)

44. However, I suppose I _________________ to you at all. (not/talk)

45. Every one wants to go; it is very select, and they _________________ many invitations to clerks. (not/give)

46. I ___________ round now to see it. (go)

47. Well, papa, _________________________ at home? (how/you/get on/?)

48. ____________________________________ about? (what in the world/you/talk/?)

49. He ______________ right here in this hotel. (stop)

50. I _________________ of her, but of you. (not/talk)